Cold Chain

As one of China's top 100 cold chain logistics enterprises, it owns more than 400 cold chain vehicles, temperature control warehouse of more than 260,000 square meters and a GPS whole-process transparent temperature control system, which can meet the logistics and storage services demands for constant temperature, cold storage, refrigeration and deep freezing.

Chemical Industry

The Company is a European RSQAS (Road Safety Quality Assessment System) certified enterprise. The Company has 10 years of experience in transportation management of chemical products; presently, it has more than 260 vehicles for chemical products, including more than 50 vehicles for temperature control of hazardous materials. Moreover, it has the qualification for transportation of hazardous materials in Class II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII and VIV.

General Transportation

As one of China's top 100 logistics enterprises, the Company has more than 800 transportation vehicles, storage area of 500,000 square meters, more than 1,500 outlets nationwide, 30 years of road transportation experience and the service model for large customer projects, providing complete supply chain solutions for customers.

Successful Cases

According to the individualized logistics needs of different industries, the Company provides customized solutions to meet customer needs through the experienced logistics team based on system diagnosis and data analysis.

  • Food cold chain
  • Chemicals
  • Mechanical electronics
  • Auto parts
  • Medicine
  • Apparel

Food cold chain

The food cold chain is a supply chain system designed to ensure the quality of perishable foods through meeting the core requirement of low temperature environment, so it is more demanding and more complicated than general room temperature logistics systems.



The main service objects are chemical products, such as liquid, solid and gaseous products. As they are inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive and their risk factors are relatively high, strict requirements are made upon logistics enterprise and personnel. 


Mechanical electronics

The logistics of electronic products is attracting more and more attention from the industry. Compared with other commodities, electronic products are mostly of higher value. In the process of distribution, they are susceptible to falling, moisture and damage; moreover, most of them are in urgent need, so they have higher requirements on distribution time.


Auto parts

Spare parts are an important part of automotive supply logistics. Due to their high “gold” content, high values and high precision, logistics companies are required to have excellent business standards. 



In terms of pharmaceutical transportation, strict requirements are made on logistics equipment, technology, timeliness, etc., so strict control is exercised on storage and batch management of pharmaceutical products.



The clothing industry is characterized by rapid product change, small quantities, multiple varieties, high value of goods and obvious difference in regional consumption. At the same time, for products in clothing industry, their cartons are complicated, their packaging costs are higher, their packages are easy to damage, their goods are easy to be lost, their delivery batch is small, and their delivery is difficult.

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