Warehousing: The Company has the high-end food cold chain, medicine, general cargo and chemical storage resources of more than 1 million square meters, and deploys the real estate for logistics in major cities

RokinLogistics provides customers with sorting, packaging, inspection and other services by virtue of TES core technologies, including robot technology, IOT technology, sensing technology, radio frequency identification, improving efficiency by 48% and space utilization increase by 30% and reducing customer cost by 10-20%. 

High-quality thermostatic warehouse consisting of high-quality thermal insulation materials and temperature control equipment. It uses the “cool guardian” technology to provide customers with excellent multi-temperature layer storage services in combination with strict temperature and humidity monitoring and management system, improving competitiveness in cold chain business.

High-standard high-quality warehouse. The Company realizes efficient operation through using the WMS system in combination with MPS automatic sorting, 3D visualization and other logistics technologies; meanwhile, the Company strictly implements the management concepts of SOP and KPI, meeting increasingly increased logistic demands  of customers in the B2B and B2C consumer goods market.

The Company enhances the management and control of chemical products throughout the life cycle by using 3D visualization technology, customized warehouse area planning, bar code management and EHS management experience, meeting customers’ demands for online and offline multi-channel supply chain management.

The Company develops the quality management system that meets GSP requirements and independently develops an information management system suitable for warehousing and transportation. The whole process of storage and transportation of the entrusted products can be traced back.

In addition to traditional refrigerated trucks and passive incubators, Rokin rolls out the cold chain square cabin, which is mainly used to transport medicines, vaccines, reagents, blood and other medical drugs, effectively solving these problems: higher cost of refrigerated trucks, inaccurate temperature control of passive incubator and early warning mechanism and   reducing product costs while ensuring product safety.


The Company relies on highway swap trailer transport, railway and air transportation resources to make trunk transportation more efficient.


Relying on the nationwide logistics network, the Company provides the “last mile” delivery service.

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