TES is an acronym for “Technology”, “Engineering” and “System & Solution”. By virtue of the most advanced technical capabilities of TES Innovation and R&D Center, Rokin quickly adapts to the ever-changing logistics market environment, leading the change in China's logistics modes.


Rokin Logistics realizes that technology is the core competitiveness in logistics industry, so it has been committed to the research and development of high-end future logistics technology, leading the development of global logistics industry.

  • W&D AREA

    (Intelligent Logistics Center Automation Technology)

    · B2BC Logistics automation platform · Integrated logistics robotics · Logistics resource sensing technology based on Internet of Things (IoT)


    (Professional distribution service)

    · Green distribution service of UAVs and electric vehicles · Industry-specialized packaging service · Real-time and customized distribution services


    (Technology fusion based on Internet of Things)

    · Digital convergence of cutting-edge technologies (AI, robot learning and AR) · Digitization of the whole process (ordering-supply) · Support for decision making based on real-time integrated control


Under the ever-changing business environments, it is particularly important to make rapid and correct decisions. Rokin Logistics designs the best operating mode by using the scientific analysis method and systematic research paradigms to support quick and accurate decision making.

Network optimization of outlets
Optimization of loading,
transportation and distribution
Layout and logistics
equipment optimization
Operation optimization of logistics center
Hoisting and installation logistics
Heavy shipment transportation
Analysis based on big data,
achieving efficiency
Demand test
  • Optimization of distribution outlet network

    Determine the optimal operation mode of distribution outlet based on the quantity, location and delivery area of distribution outlet.

  • Optimization of loading, transportation and distribution

    Simulate the optimal transportation mode, resources and path of each loaded object.

  • Operation optimization of logistics center

    Realize operational strategy and cost optimization through dynamic simulation.

  • Layout and logistics equipment optimization

    Minimize operational gaps by optimizing logistics equipment portfolio and simulation verification.

  • Heavy shipment transportation

    Develop an optimal transportation plan through transportation simulation, local transportation section reinforcement works, etc.

  • Hoisting and installation logistics

    Provides an overall solution for installation of heavy cargoes based on hoisting and heavy cargo lifting equipment.

  • Efficiency improvement based on big data analysis

    Start the optimization cost improvement of resources through IoT-based data analysis and collection.

  • Demand forecast

    Based on scientific analysis, predict future cargo flow and design the best operating mode.


Through the operation of global customer companies of various industrial groups, the Company has accumulated professional knowledge and the relevant experience, and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things. Based on this, the Company provides the overall end-to-end solutions from the logistics center to distribution end customers.

End-to-end IT logistics services

  • OMS

    Unified order management

  • WMS

    Warehouse Management

  • WCS

    Integrated control system


    Omni-channel order management

  • LPM

    Logistics park management

  • BMS

    Settlement management

  • SAP

    Financial system

  • Big Data

  • Real-time

    visualization system

  • KPI

    KPI performance management system

  • MDM

    Master data management system


-Unified order management -Order tracking -Order consultation -Customer complaint management -Accounting management -Order analysis


-Manufacturing industry group -FMCG industry group -B2C industry group -Expansion plate


-MPS intelligent sorting -W-Navi -AGV robots -RF(PDA) -PAS -Image recognition


-Comprehensive dispatching management -Transit/Distribution management -Transportation resource management

Logistics park management

-Intelligent park management -Vehicle access management -Vehicle-cargo matching optimization -Real-time kanban of operation


-Income reconciliation check -Expenses reconciliation check -Internal transaction accounting


-Receivables/Payables -General ledger/Funds -Cost management

Big Data

-Data warehouse -Big data analysis -Artificial intelligence -Machine learning -Blockchain -IOT (Internet of Things)


-Cargo transportation trail -Real-time 3D inventory -GIS Intelligent Map -LBS location service -Cold chain /Chemical environment monitoring


-Human performance -Operational resource performance -Operation management performance


-Customer master data -Resource master data -Rules/Strategies

Customer experience


Rokin Logistics provides the best solution for logistics operation efficiency, cost saving, logistics center design, and logistics and supply chain management strategy through Consulting Methodology M-Score 2.0 and the industry’s largest team of consulting experts with the highest level.

Consulting fields

Logistics strategy consulting

· Establish sustainable future logistics strategies

· Design and construct the logistics outlet network

· Establish logistics outsourcing strategies

· Establish implementation strategies of various logistics areas

· Develop logistics infrastructure

Logistics operation consulting

· Save logistics costs

· Process diagnosis, improvement and standardization

· Design the logistics center

· Introduce automation equipment

· Introduce transportation IT solutions

Process improvement (PI) consulting

· Diagnose operation productivity

· Screen and improve bottleneck projects

· Build and improve the logistics system

· Enhance visibility

· Build a management system for continuous changes

Consulting differentiation competency

1 onlyone

Rokin Logistics Consulting — unique consulting service based on logistics implementation capability

10 %

Improving customers’ productivity by an average of 10% (an average from 2007 to 2016) through improving the process

100 pieces per year

Undertaking about 100 consulting projects each year (Be subject to the period of from 2014 to 2016)


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