in 18 years keep surpassing itself
leading China's cold chain logistics market
Started the cold chain business
Began to get involved
in international chain catering business
Served the Shanghai World Expo
dived deep into baby formula
and joined
high-end ice cream business
Served the CIIE
Entered new retail industries like
Coffee, tea drinks and others
Invested resources constantly
Participated in the formulation of many industry standards
The service segment is broader
Served the CIIE for four consecutive years

Rokin Logistics relies on technology and innovationto provide customers with
Multi-temperature zone, transparent and controllable
integrated with warehouse distribution comprehensive supply chain logistics solutions

  • comprehensive strength
    Top 0 in cold-chain
    It has been awarded the honor of top 100 Cold chain Logistics for 8 consecutive years, leading China's cold chain market.
  • Cold chain storage
    High-quality temperature control warehouse composed of high-quality thermal insulation materials and temperature control equipment, combined with the strict temperature and humidity monitoring and management, to provide a multi-temperature layer of goods storage service.
  • Cold chain standard
    Three standards formulation
    National standards for logistics packaging, marking, transportation and storage of cold storage and frozen food; national standards for cold chain logistics classification and basic requirements; and group standards for fresh non-contact delivery service standards
  • Cold chain trunk line
    Fixed-point shuttle bus & real-time monitoring
    Provide the transportation of various goods between-30 C and 25 C, use accurate temperature control technology to ensure the safety and quality of fresh food.
  • Cold chain vehicles
    more than 0
    It has more than 400 cold-chain vehicles of various models, all of which have passed the national refrigerated vehicle certification, providing the safest and most accurate temperature control transportation services.
  • Cold chain distribution
    National coverage
    Realize similar products priority loading, priority delivery, professional distribution equipment and operation team, to ensure the quality of fresh food and delivery time.