• Carried out contract logistics
  • electron industry
  • Entered the cosmetics industry
  • Beauty industry
  • High luxury industry
  • Large industrial equipment
  • Furniture storage
  • Automobile accessories
  • Sneaker suit
  • B2C business
  • Ceramic bathroom facilities

  • Owned vehicle
    0 +
    Based on the remaining over 800 transport vehicles, from the supply and logistics of raw materials to reverse logistics.
  • Logistics Specialist
    Professional services of various industry groups
    It has the supply chain management experts for cosmetics, electronic equipment, food, FMCG, clothing and other industry groups, and can provide stable services.
  • Storage Area
    Use of the most advanced WMS storage and 3D visual management system, to ensure the accurate and efficient operation of the entire storage system, and can better provide customers with customized storage services.
  • Logistics Automation System
    based on logistics automation, drones and robotics to provide customized services to improve the efficiency and efficiency of the logistics site.
  • Service Network
    Nationwide coverage
    with Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu as the regional centers, to build a national joint distribution network, perfectly match customer needs, distribution subsidence coverage to villages and towns areas.
  • Consulting & IT Solution
    Supply Chain Management (SCM) Consulting
    Provide customized consulting and solutions to optimize supply chain structure and costs based on the challenges and challenges facing customers' current supply chain.