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operate medical customers
Pharmaceutical Division
Temperature control products for multimodal transportation
The Medical Device Operating License
Introduced cold chain cabin
Refrigeration and freezing business qualification
Medical device warehouse

  • Comprehensive strength
    Top 0 pharmaceutical transportation
    China's top 20 pharmaceutical cold chain transportation enterprises
    China's top 30 third-party medical device logistics enterprises
    The Ministry of Transport of the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine freight key contact enterprises.
  • Pharmaceutical operation equipment
    Validation equipment
    Medical verification vehicle 260+
    Pharmaceutical cabin180+
    Cold bag1000+
    Equipment is verified every year in winter and summer
  • Quality management system
    Based on the laws and regulations of pharmaceutical management and GSP specifications, combined with the quality standards of pharmaceutical industry customers and the needs of enterprise risk management, the enterprise internal comprehensive quality management system is established.
  • Type of shipping
    Multi-temperature area multi-modal transport
    Service temperature area: under -20°C、2-8°C、5-30°C、15-25°C、-20°C, etc
    Multimodal transport: road, railway, aviation
    Product type: vehicle, load, shuttle point, air
  • Third-party logistics of medical devices
    integrated with storehouse, dry, and delivery
    The medical equipment warehouse is about 30,000 square meters, with a multi-temperature area temperature control library, equipped with an automatic temperature and humidity monitoring system, has the overtemperature alarm function, and can monitor the temperature and humidity in the library in real time.
  • Order performance visualization
    Full link transparency
    Through the GPS equipment and system platform, real-time monitoring (temperature, location, time) of orders from order receiving to delivery, to provide full-link visualization service.

  • GSP warehouse
  • Equipment for periodic verification and calibration
  • Quality management system
  • The Full link is transparent and traceable