reduced carbon intensity


Introduction of autopilot equipment
refrigerant energy efficiency improvement
Equipment Energy Efficiency Improvement
Clean energy introduction
Transit vehicle replacement
Administrative Vehicle replacement
Transport vehicle replacement

  • New energy vehicles
    More than 0 vehicles were invested
  • Biomass diesel fuel consumption
    It accounted for 0% in 0#
  • Purchase Green Electricity
    Utilization Rate Accounted for 0%
  • Intelligent scheduling system
    Save 0,0 KM
  • Renewable energy thermal water volume
    Utilization rate accounted for 0%
  • Automatics
    Save about 0 million KM
  • Install energy saving equipment
    Save 0kWh
  • Cyclic utilization
    Transfer box of 0,0
* Data Source: 2022-2023 Rokin Logistics ESG Report
Social Responsibility
Rokin Logistics actively participates in social public welfare undertakings and continues to create good value for the society.
Supported the Yunnan earthquake Ludian disaster area
Initiated a student donation program
Opened the welfare home sympathy project
Supported the jiuzhaigou earthquake
Opened the green channel
Fought COVID-19
Supported Henan rainstorm
Charity donation of 10 million yuan
Supported the rainstorm and flood in Beijing
Donation of 10 million CNY to Help
Rural Revitalization in Lanling County

Employee Rights and Protection

We are committed to protecting human rights throughout our operations and to respect the human rights of all of the people in the communities that we involve. In the Employee Handbook and the Recruitment Management System, we clearly stipulate the prohibition of hiring child labor and forced labor, anti-discrimination and differential treatment, ensuring equal pay for equal work for men and women, limited working hours, protecting the rights and interests of female employees, and promoting the employment of people with disabilities.

2022-2023 target