Zeng Zhaodong, Managing Director of PVM China visited Rokin Logistics

Zeng Zhaodong, the Managing Director of PVM China, along with Lin Weiping, Warehousing and Logistics Manager of PVM, paid a visit to Rokin Logistics’s Kunshan Branch on the afternoon of Sept, 28, 2023. The visit was graciously hosted by Yan Wenming, the General Manager of Kunshan Company.


During the visit, Zeng Zhaodong delved into the operational intricacies of the PVM Kunshan warehouse, meticulously examining product inventory and gaining insights into current sales trends. He specifically commended the inventory management system, placing emphasis on the freshness and turnover rate of stored goods. Additionally, Zeng Zhaodong took the opportunity to convey holiday greetings and appreciation to the frontline staff for their dedication.


Zeng Zhaodong fully affirmed the hardware facilities and standardized management of Rokin Logistics, and hoped that the two sides could deepen the cooperation relationship. Looking forward to the future, Rokin Logistics will continue to improve the quality of service, give full play to various resource advantages, and continue to provide high-quality and efficient supply chain services for PVM.