Nasdaq warmly congratulates Rokin Logistics, Decathlon and Windrose Technology for jointly completing the new energy heavy truck test

Recently, Rokin Logistics, Decathlon and Windrose Technology worked together to successfully complete the new energy heavy truck high temperature and plateau environment test, which was an important milestone on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York.

Rokin Logistics, a high-quality professional logistics solution provider, has always been concerned about sustainable development and new energy application, constantly exploring and leading the change of the logistics industry, and adhering to the corporate mission of "green delivery, sharing health". As the strategic investor of Windrose Technology, a new power of new energy heavy trucks, we continue to be optimistic about and look forward to the large-scale use of its new energy heavy trucks.


After 40 days and more than 10,000 kilometers of testing, Windrose Technology new energy heavy truck has fully verified the adaptability and reliability of vehicle operation in high temperature and plateau areas on some transport routes of Decathlon China as planned in September, and all performance indicators have reached the design target value.

Windrose Technology's first pure electric heavy truck is defined as a long endurance under a full load of 49 tons, coupled with an 800V high voltage platform, and meets the need for fast charging without affecting the driver's effective operating time. In addition, the product has a wind resistance coefficient of 0.2755, which according to public data shows that it is the lowest wind resistance coefficient of the current heavy truck type, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.


Decathlon, the world's leading integrated sports group, regards decarbonization of the value chain and business growth as equal priorities. By working together with Rokin Logistics and Windrose Technology, leading companies in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, we jointly explore innovative solutions to empower Decathlon's low-carbon logistics system.

Windrose Technology, as the first pure and developed new energy autonomous driving heavy truck overall solution provider in China, is committed to creating new energy intelligent heavy trucks with excellent cost performance, helping brands and logistics operators to achieve carbon emission reduction targets, and injecting new momentum into the development of enterprises.

The test was jointly conducted by Rokin Logistics, Decathlon and Windrose Technology to prepare for the official delivery of new energy heavy trucks in 2024. In the future, the three parties will work together to gradually expand the size of the zero-emission smart heavy truck fleet and continue to promote the wider application of zero-emission transportation solutions.