Rokin Logistics visited L 'Oreal booth at the 6th CIIE

Rokin Logistics was invited to visit the L 'Oreal booth at the 6th CIIE on Nov. 7th, 2023. Marc Antoine, Director of Supply Chain, Cissy, Director of Logistics Operations, Elena, Director of Supplier Management, Bi Jianwei, Vice President of Rokin Logistics, Wang Kai, Director of ESG Management Department and Zheng Xiangru, Deputy Director of Strategic Management Department attended the event.


The Rokin Logistics team first participated in the L 'Oreal Sustainable logistics Supplier exchange. In the meeting, Elena discussed with the guests how to promote the re-upgrading of customer experience in terms of L 'Oreal logistics service enabling business ecosystem, focusing on demand changes, service upgrading and channel switching. She also shared the target plan of the global sustainable development project "L 'Oreal, for Tomorrow", and proposed that all suppliers should respond positively and strengthen collaboration. To work together to help L 'Oreal achieve the Scope 3 decarbonization goal within 5-10 years.



After the meeting, Mr. Bi Jianwei and his delegation, as representatives of suppliers, had a point-to-point negotiation in English with Marc Antoine. Marc Antoine fully affirmed Rokin Logistics's good practices in bilateral cooperation over the years, especially in green transportation and green warehousing, and put forward higher requirements for Rokin Logistics in terms of L 'Oreal's short-term plan and long-term strategic goals for sustainable development, hoping to increase the enterprise's investment in green and low-carbon development. Including investment in digital transformation and new energy vehicles. Bi Jianwei said that Rokin Logistics will actively respond to customer needs, seize market opportunities, set emission reduction targets and track implementation progress, and contribute to the development of green logistics.

With L 'Oreal doubling its sales in China in five years, more diversified market demands mean higher requirements for logistics providers. Rokin Logistics will continue to adhere to the core values of "customer first", fully practice the corporate mission of "green delivery, sharing health", and continuously improve the flexibility of the supply chain, the sustainable development throughout the whole process to provide customers with quality service, to help the national "double carbon" goal.