Hettich China Managing Director Wu Xiaotian visited Rokin Logistics

Wu Xiaotian, Managing Director of Hettie China, and his delegation visited Rokin Logistics Shanghai headquarters for investigation and exchange on Nov. 10th, 2023, and were received by Zhang Qi, vice President of Rokin Logistics.

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Wu Xiaotian and his delegation first watched the operation demonstration of BI monitoring platform and intelligent equipment. Later, Wu introduced Hettich's development history, market positioning, business layout and vision planning in detail. The two sides reviewed the history of friendly cooperation in the past five years, and the Hettich team highly recognized Rokin Logistics's long-term professional service level, innovative research and development level, and emergency response ability, hoping to further discuss mutually beneficial cooperation, realize resource complementarity, and seek high-quality development.

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Hettich, founded in 1888 in the Black Forest region of Germany, is now the world's largest furniture accessories manufacturer. This visit has enhanced mutual understanding and trust. In the face of the current market challenges, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, expand the scope of cooperation, and work together to create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win.